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Ejaculation Guru Review

ejaculation-guru-542gtrThis is a guide that provides all the essential steps for men to perform better in bed. The guide effectively presents everything that every man needs to know; from sex positions to various techniques in breathing. Everything in the guide is presented in a simple manner that you can apply on your own and still get the same results.

The techniques and methods in the product are typically centered on the ejaculatory reflex. They greatly help to improve hormonal, mental and physical control. Generally, the ability of controlling the reflex results in better control over your ejaculation which will boost your self confidence and intimacy within your relationship.

Advantages of Ejaculation Guru

  • Safe and free from any side effects. The product only uses a natural approach and there is no need to purchase any pills or creams
  • Easy to use since all the information is presented in a simple manner that all men understand
  • Methods which are presented in the guide make sex more exciting leading to both parties being fully satisfied
  • Contains handy demos and valuable techniques like stimulation control, visualization and linguistic programming uniquely designed to enhance your lover abilities in a better and easy way
  • Its effectiveness is not affected by some of men’s limitations such as pen size or bad genes

Disadvantages of Ejaculation Guru

Only focuses on how a man can last longer in bed as well as increasing his sexual stamina but it does not cover other ways of satisfying his lover other than by thrusting longer.


Ejaculation Guru is helpful for all men who want to improve their overall performance in bed, not only those who suffer from premature ejaculation issues. The unique methods and techniques of the eBook are basically meant to improve any sexual life and are totally effective.